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Defining and achieving requirements for low-latency, high-bandwidth data movement.


The abundance of real-time data has transitioned the focus from mere information generation to its interpretation and contextualization. This shift demands efficient systems capable of handling massive data flows with minimal latency and maximum bandwidth. However, achieving these goals entails understanding the intricate nuances of latency and bandwidth, along with making informed decisions regarding system design and implementation. This whitepaper  illuminates the path towards defining precise requirements and realizing optimal solutions for low-latency, high-bandwidth applications.

Why Download This White Paper?

  • Understanding Latency and Bandwidth Nuances: Delve into the complexities surrounding low-latency, high-bandwidth systems. Grasp the trade-offs inherent in achieving latency and bandwidth goals, avoiding over-constraining problems and piecemeal solutions. Gain insights into common errors in bandwidth calculations and the impact of various factors on system performance.
  • Defining Low-Latency, High-Bandwidth Goals: Learn to articulate specific requirements, considering higher-order outcomes and understanding the underlying reasons behind quantitative goals. Explore the significance of life cycle considerations and futureproofing strategies in tailoring solutions to meet evolving needs.
  • Achieving Low-Latency and High-Bandwidth Goals: Uncover strategies for achieving leading-edge solutions in low-latency, high-bandwidth applications. Discover the role of heterogeneous computing and FPGA-based architectures in enabling parallelism and hardware-centric implementations. Explore the customizable solution offered by Fidus' Sidewinder, designed to address strict low-latency, high-bandwidth specifications in networking and storage acceleration.

Efficient data movement in low-latency, high-bandwidth applications necessitates a deep understanding of both hardware and software intricacies. By defining precise requirements and leveraging heterogeneous computing architectures, development teams can unlock innovative solutions that meet the demands of today's data-intensive environments. This whitepaper empowers engineers and designers with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the complexities of latency and bandwidth, paving the way for the development of optimized systems that deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Download the whitepaper here