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Mastering Scalable Radar Signal Processing with AMD Versal Devices



  • Dhimiter Qendri, Senior Embedded Software Designer at Fidus Systems
  • Jason Timpe, Radar/EW System Architect at AMD/Xilinx

Duration: 45 minutes

Missed the live webinar? No worries! You can now access the on-demand version of our insightful webinar.

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In partnership with AMD, join us for an in-depth presentation on a radar reference design leveraging a VCK190 evaluation board that features an AMD VC1902 Versal AI Core Device. This collaborative design effort between Fidus and AMD demonstrates the utility of the AI engines for DSP in radar applications. Key topics include targeting AI engines to enhance signal processing, space-time adaptive processing (STAP) algorithm, and phased development for rapid performance demonstration. 

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Radar System Architects
  • FPGA Design Engineers
  • Embedded Software Developers
  • System Architects
  • VPs of Engineering and Product Development
  • CTOs and R&D Managers

Why watch the webinar?

  • Exclusive AMD Insights: Gain insights into the radar reference design for the VCK190 evaluation board with AMD VC1902 Versal Core device, showcasing exclusive collaboration outcomes.
  • Scalable Radar Challenges: Understand the obstacles faced in developing scalable radar systems and how to overcome them for effective implementation.
  • AI Engines for Signal Processing: Learn how to leverage AI engines to enhance the efficiency and performance of signal processing in radar applications.
  • STAP Algorithm Implementation: Discover the intricacies of the Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) algorithm and its practical applications in radar technology.
  • Phased Development Approach: Explore strategies for a phased development approach to achieve quick and effective performance demonstrations.
  • Live Design Demonstration: Witness a practical demonstration showcasing the design and performance metrics in real-time, providing hands-on insights.
  • Integration with AMD Versal Devices: Gain knowledge about integrating AMD Versal devices into radar systems for optimal performance and scalability.
  • Scaling Radar Designs: Learn about methods to scale your radar designs by incorporating additional Versal devices for enhanced capabilities.
  • Practical AI and MATLAB Integration: See how AI engines and MATLAB integration can be used for advanced radar signal processing, with practical demonstrations.

Watch the Webinar Recording