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A Technical Exploration into Near End Crosstalk (NEXT)

Technical Whitepaper by Dr. Sayed Bokhari


In the realm of high-speed, high-density package design, mitigating Near End CrossTalk (NEXT) stands as a pivotal challenge, directly impacting signal integrity and reach. This whitepaper introduces a novel approach to tackle this issue, presenting a hybrid differential interconnect solution that merges broadside and edge coupled geometries. By exploring the intricacies of interconnect design and utilizing complementary twisted pairs, this paper unveils promising numerical results showcasing a significant reduction in NEXT levels.

Why Download This White Paper?

  • Understanding NEXT Challenges: Delve into the intricacies of NEXT and its implications on signal integrity in high-speed package interconnects.
  • Innovative Interconnect Solutions: Explore a novel hybrid differential interconnect design, integrating broadside and edge coupled geometries to combat NEXT effectively.
  • Numerical Insights: Gain access to detailed numerical simulations and analyses, providing a comprehensive understanding of the proposed solution's performance.
  • Optimizing Signal Integrity: Learn how careful manipulation of dielectric thickness, width, and periodicity can lead to substantial improvements in cross talk levels without compromising other vital parameters.
  • Real-world Applications: Uncover the potential benefits and considerations for implementing the proposed solution in practical printed circuit board applications.

This whitepaper offers a pioneering perspective on mitigating NEXT in package interconnects through innovative design strategies. By leveraging a hybrid differential interconnect approach, significant reductions in NEXT levels are achievable, promising improved signal integrity and enhanced performance in high-speed data transmission applications. While challenges such as additional routing layers exist, the potential benefits underscore the value of exploring and implementing this solution in contemporary package design paradigms.

Download the whitepaper here